Dr. Susan is awesome. I am so excited to start vision therapy. I am actually seeing out of my “bad” eye for the first time in 55 years.

- Melissa P

Dr. Susan is great and my 3 year old great niece who hates doctors did everything she needed and was able to get glasses with the right prescription which she wears every day.

- Pam M

Dr. Susan Carter, who is a doctor there, diagnosed my daughter with convergence insufficiency – and treated her for it so that now my daughter’s eyes work together properly. My daughter went from hating reading to loving it, and her reading speed has dramatically improved.

- Karen M

Dr. Susan is amazing with kids and did a very thorough exam!

- Wayne V

Dr. Susan is AMAZING with my kids. I now have two “future eye doctors” after our visit and how captivated they were with her every move!

- Melissa H

My children have special eyes!! My daughter fell is LOVE with Dr Susan!! Dr Susan was able to test my daughter (who at the time could not read and had a hard time understanding some of the picture questions) but with such kindness Dr Susan was able to get all done.

- Stacey C